GSoC @OpenMRS 5th week

Last week I was able to add report definitions to the combo box and developed a triggering function for mapping buttons. In this week, I worked on connecting mapping results to the controller and modifying the dhisreport_datavalue_template table.

Instead of using the button for mapping, I added an anchor tag and connected the results to the MapReportsController. After successfully mapping the jsp with the controller, I defined two alternative columns to the dhisreport_datavalue_template table. Adding those columns was successful.

After modifying the database, I tried to modify the DataValueTemplate model class as the next step. But, still I couldn’t edit that class. Because of the issue I faced after modifying that class, my local instance got crashed. :(

Currently, I am working on restoring my instance. After that, I am planning to store the mapping data to the table within next two weeks.

That’s all for this week… :)

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