GSoC @OpenMRS 6th week

Last week I was struggling with the database issue I mentioned in last update. I was able to regain access to the database after resetting the database. After fixing the database, I started working on saving mapped report details to the database.

In this week, I was able to complete he main functionalities of my project and created a pull request for that. With the changes I did to the module, now it is possible to map any indicator of a particular Reporting module report with DHIS report data element. Mapped reports are displayed in the combo box. Currently I am waiting for the comments and feedback from my mentors. After their feedback, I’m planing to improve the solution.

In addition to the main task of my project, I worked on two tickets during this week. Both of them were regarding the DHISReport reporting module. Ticket DRM-28 was about Orgunit null pointer exception and this is the PR. Ticket DRM-9 was about handling missing parameter exception and this is the PR.

Next week I am planing to do the improvements to the project after the review of my mentors. Currently I am waiting for their feedback. That’s all for this week. :)

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