Fluffy Egg Scramble with Bonito Flakes

My 3yr old son requested I make this for breakfast. He was fairly specific about the procedure. I guess there are a lot of bonito flake and egg pairings — but fluffy eggs, like my grandma made, give an American twist. Why didn’t I think of this myself?

Active time 4 minutes; cooking time 1 minute


  1. Bonito Flakes
  2. Two eggs
  3. Milk, about 1 to 2 tablespoons
  4. Oil (medium — high heat)

Exact brand and proportions are not important. We used Eden brand bonito flakes, Vital Farms eggs, Trickling Springs Creamery whole milk.


  1. A small cast iron pan
  2. A wooden spatula
  3. A container to mix your eggs
  4. A fork

Exact equipment is not important. I recommend a 5–7 inch, seasoned, cast iron pan. I got mine at the thrift store and seasoned it over the years. You do not need to wait years to season you cast iron pan. (Read about it.) I also recommend, just as much, a non reactive american style skillet. I prefer the All Clad stainless steel triply — not the heavier and more expensive d5 line. I used a medium heat canola oil. A safflower or sunflower oil will also work well. I do not recommend scrambling with a low smoke point oil or butter, especially when scrambling with milk, but you can if you know your kitchen! You can always add butter at the end for flavor if you want. For the mixing container, I like (and used) a glass measuring cup made by Pyrex. Any old mug or cup will also do nicely.


  1. Add oil to pan.
    If using cast iron, start the heat on high (~18,000–25,000 BTUs) and turn it down to medium-low (~6,000–15,000 BTUs) when you add the eggs. Do not let the oil smoke. If it starts to, just turn it down.
  2. Mix eggs, milk, and a pinch of bonito flakes.
    The exact egg size and quantity of bonito flakes does not matter. We used about the same amount that we feed our 5 gallon fish tank of fish food. Now is a good time to make sure you have a serving plate near the stove.
  3. Scramble eggs in pan for about 1 minute.
    If you are using stainless steel, heat up the pan now and turn it down to medium. Pour in egg mixture. I used the wooden spatula to scramble the eggs. Let the eggs cook for about 5 seconds before gently turning them for fluffy results. The idea is to let the eggs stay in contact with the bottom of the pan long enough for them to cook and not remove the oil from the bottom, but short enough so that they won’t burn.
  4. Plate, top with bonito flakes, and serve.
    Gently plate the eggs once they just stick together and don’t run. While scrambling, if you see the cooked eggs begin to separate into crumbs, or brown, then you are already done cooking them; next time cook for less time. Move them to a plate. Food keeps cooking after the heat is off, especially in a hot cast iron pan, so it’s nice to have your plate ready.

Important: Bear (my son) enjoyed performing most of this procedure. In general, kids like to eat what they cook. He pulls a stool up to the stove and has learned when it is hot.

Disclaimer: You take responsibility for your kid’s safety — and early education in the kitchen.

Challenge: I would love to see a vegan version of this. I think it would be a challenge. Dried seaweed could easily replace bonito flakes with color, but I’ve never gotten silken tofu “egg fluffy.”

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