And then there was blog.

Hello there. I don’t know you, but I think I might understand.

So you are probably saying…and, what’s your point unique snowflake of the universe?

Well, the thing is, I am out to change the world. No really, I am serious.

I vividly remember the night before my high school graduation sitting with my buddy Mark. We were on the stoop of the dorm looking at the sky and I felt like we could take on the world and win. Make a mark, Mark. I thought I was so very different and so uniquely capable. I am not clear when I became that cynical older person I railed against as a kid, but I quietly did. So I am now reclaiming youthful rebellion on a more healthy avenue. One that has happiness, quietness and empathy. Ok, not so much on the quietness because I really like loud music.

My journey begins with the commitment to tend to my backyard instead of yours. You can grow all the honeysuckle you want, but I am hacking the shit out of it when it grows over my fence. Then maybe I will bake you some really good cookies. I find that cookies can solve most problems. I will keep my yard open, making sure there are holes in the fence to let all the squirrels of life through, even when their alarm chirping sounds like a horseman of the apocalypse. Even when I inside-out a number 2 plastic bag to squish your dog’s poop into my trash. I like dogs, no biggie.

Today my first blog post is just that. My first post, a practice match if you will indulge the notion. I make this promise: I will get better. And I will change the world. No really, I am serious.