My Pixelbook + 27" 4K mon setup

Some background...

I have been using Macbook Air/Pro as my everyday computer for 10 years (prior to that was Gentoo Linux for 7 years), but in recent years the hardware quality and sluggishness of MacOS made me consider to switch back to Linux.

Until I read about Crostini, a Linux container in Chrome OS, a thought came to me: maybe I can live with Pixelbook as my daily driver?

So I pick up an old Pixelbook and use it for a week at work. It works surprisingly well, and I plan to replace my Macbook Pro and iPad Pro with a Pixelbook!

Image Source: Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

This is a simple launch checklist for web and mobile apps that I’ve prepared for product and project managers to quickly test performance of their apps. It also includes a list of commonly overlooked simple mobile app tests to confirm that the app behaves as expected.

Product managers on the client side can use the tools provided to see performance results when working with digital agencies or dev shops.

Web Applications

For web applications, the launch check list should cover the following:

  1. Performance: Pass Google Page Speed Insights Test
  2. Security
  3. Broken Links
  4. Compatibility
  5. SEO / Social
  6. Nice to Haves

Performance: Pass Google Page Speed Insights Test

Supporting crowdfunded PDA phones in 2018

So it is two weeks after using the Gemini Phone as my work phone and I would love to write a review on what it’s like using a PDA phone in 2018.

Gemini is an Android phone with the Psion 5 keyboard (at least that was how it marketed). As a keyboard lover (I used the Palm Treo for a long time, loved the Blackberry Passport and have been using Blackberry Keyone as my work phone until last year) I couldn’t resist backing the Indiegogo project.

圖片來源: Jamie Taylorvia Unsplash

前言:去年暑假,Oursky 招募了一名來自美國的實習生 Xiuwen。Xiuwen 是很優秀的學生,在實習結束前,Xiuwen 反思了她在實習期間遇到過的瓶頸,還有提出了對大學課程內容如何協助學生投身新創公司時能快速上手的建議



嗨,我是那個坐在角落、常被活埋在有點凌亂的桌子後面的 Ben。仔細聆聽每一位同事的意見和建議並給予反饋是很重要的,也因此,在今天這個風光明媚的下午,我也想跟你分享作為一個新創公司創辦人的一些內心想法。



以學習為目標的話,其實在小型的新創公司(團隊大概 3–10 人)比較能達到教學相長的效果。團隊合作比較緊密,而且在案子中可以分配到明顯有感的工作量。這次比較可惜的是,暑期實習時間太短,實習生沒辦法全程參與和跟進公司的項目, mentor 也為如何分配適量的工作同時兼顧實習生的學習進度感到有點頭痛。我相信如果回復到之前我們一直使用的中長期實習方式,讓大家有足夠的時間去建立緊密的關係和深度指導或學習,彼此會更有裨益。


1. 最近連續和幾個剛畢業的學生面試,都提起他們讀書時參與的「政冶事件」,提醒我在佔中風口的學生們應該今年都畢業了。雖然自己無主動提起,但都有想多謝或佩服的感覺。


當然也有學生以「政冶事件」幾個字略過,然後說自己也不是有很強的政治傾向,不知道是真心,還是真的被某些人恐嚇會影響「顧主」印象。如果是後者的話也很無奈。。。(不過你又做乜寫學生會落CV 呢 XD)

2. 上星期五參與某Founder Job Shadowing 活動,有兩個中學生從早上十時跟著我直到五時。最大的感受是,原來自己真的很忙。本來以為會有時間做一些Debrief,結果其實整天會議半小時一小時一直進行,連午飯都只有十五分鐘吃 (但兩位中學同學在吃飯方面倒是完全沒有追不上的感覺)。


真的要想辦法讓自己空閒點,把時間花在真正重要的事情上面,還有不要再答應做Job shadowing。

Oursky’s Discourse platform — deployed in our own Kubernetes (K8s) cloud.

TL;DR: I’ve deployed Discourse on Kubernetes (K8s) for my company’s internal discussion platform. Because I couldn’t find a simple tutorial, I documented my steps to help other developers do it too.

Why would I want to deploy Discourse on Kubernetes?

  1. Our company already has a Kubernetes cluster for random tools and staging deployment, so it is cheaper to deploy on the existing cluster for an internal Discourse usage.
  2. As a founder, I don’t get many chances to code anymore. I wanted to learn how to use Kubernetes because my team has been using it a lot lately.

A quick overview of this tutorial

The tutorial and the sample config below shows how to deploy a…

Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven via Unsplash

Management by wandering.

As my company’s grown, the number of internal / external meetings and tasks has become crazy. I have no time to wander around in office and have casual chats with fellows any more.

While people in the office have coffee and casual chats I am usually running for the next scheduled meeting or discussion item. Casual office chats is one of the things I miss most.

Some colleagues who have been with us for a while have said things were better in our old office (less noisy and busy). …

Photo by Jimi Filipovski via Unsplash

In fact, they’re more expensive than you think.

We recently did a quarterly review with our content interns and found that one piece took 3 x 8-hour days to write.

An editor, full-time staff, and the intern were involved over the course of three weeks, which made our intern’s piece more expensive than our in-house staff writers’ pieces. You’re probably asking, why did we hire him?

We didn’t just hire him. We paid him.

Our editor has worked with student volunteers and interns in Europe, Asia, and North America for nearly a decade. …

And what will prove that I’m not?

I had a shower thought at the end of 2016: I should just pass on recruitment events and speaking opportunities to other team members. It began as a small thought. But by the time I finished my shower, my thoughts had spiraled into a much bigger, deeper problem. I was stuck in a loop, and everything was falling apart.

I’ll backtrack to explain how I got there.

In my company’s early years, I used to love going to recruitment events, especially ones for fresh graduates. I used to ramble on panels about my company culture, how we did…

And yeah, I still can’t do small talk.

Image by Edu Lauton via Unsplash

I’m a typical developer geek and introvert — the type that just sits and listens in social gatherings and has nervous habits for public speaking. But I’m not stuck in a dark basement, and you might be surprised to know I run a web and mobile development agency with over 40 people. In fact, my company’s been around for 9 years and worked with clients like Thompson Reuters and other international companies.

To my fellow introverts: sorry, it doesn’t get easier. But it does get a bit better, and I’ll try to share the things that worked for me over…

Ben Cheng

Co-founder of @Oursky and

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