Introducing the Holacracy® Practitioner’s Guide

A Reference Guide for Real-World Holacracy Practice

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Learning how to get things done in Holacracy takes time. It’s absolutely worth the investment, but it’s like learning a new language.

And since we learn languages to use them, the best approach is everyday immersion. You simply can’t understand the real-world of Holacracy practice just by reading the Holacracy Book or the Holacracy Constitution.

But experience alone won’t guarantee learning either. We need help. We need guidance and coaching to help us with everyday translation.

To that end, I’m introducing a series I’m calling the “Holacracy Practitioner’s Guide.” From years of helping clients adopt Holacracy (and working inside a Holacracy-powered company everyday), I’ve collected a huge library of amazing and practical coaching tips.

Now, I’d like to share them with you. Piece by piece. As I write them, until there is a comprehensive reference guide for all Holacracy practitioners to use day-to-day.

Topics will include the core Holacracy stuff (Secretary, Policies, etc.), but also auxiliary issues like “Deadlines,” “Holacracy Adoption/Implementation,” and “Compensation.”

The content is intended for current Holacracy practitioners, meaning I won’t provide broad introductions to these concepts, but rather short and punchy guidance which requires some familiarity.

Again, since this will be a reference guide, don’t expect essays. Instead, each topic will be presented as a list of bite-sized nuggets, each one distinct, but connected to a larger main theme (e.g. Election Process 101: Common Mistakes, Election Process 101: Process Walk-through, etc.).

As they are published, please share any feedback you have. Positive or negative. “Does this approach make sense? Did I miss something?” Please, let me know since this is an experimental way to create and distribute content like this.

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Table of Contents (New articles will be added here)

Understanding the Basics:

Understanding Tactical Meetings:

Understanding Governance & Governance Meetings:

Understanding the Power Shift:

Holacracy Secretary Guide

Holacracy Facilitator’s Guide:

Holacracy Coaching:

Adopting Holacracy:

General Holacracy Articles:

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