We are rapidly observing the emergence of hyper-rigid demes, as John Hartley and Jason Potts have called them. Demes are groups of people who define themselves by adherence to a particular set of ideas. Their very sense of self is caught up in their views of how the world should be. In fact, they are all but defined by their rejection of alternative views of how the world should be.
The coming era of political violence
Brendan Markey-Towler

Why? Tentative answer: because of the differentiation of our modern societies into many, many different and less and less overlapping social circles (read groups) of interest, knowledge and understanding, (first sociologized by Durkheim in the 19th century) we are more and more likely to not be able to relate to others’ views. Cognitive dissonance follows.

In consequence, we need a narrative that integrates the different social circles on a necessary minimum set of values and principles to let the different circles flourish in their own right but also foster interaction between these.

Social evolution based on diversity and creative recombination of ideas, concepts and experiences from different circles could be this narrative. This requires open-mindedness from all members of circles and the knowledge to be psychologically, bodily and economically safe in a changing environment — which is precisely the opposite of what a neoliberal worldview creates!