Exploring Light: Our Second Project
Eman Alshawaf

For the first part of the project, exploring how light determines time of day, I wanted to capture the Minneapolis skyline. I work in Minneapolis so I’m in the city a lot and the skyline just never gets old. I feel at home whenever I see it. It was fun to see how the light of the buildings played with the light in the sky. The times I took them ranged from very early morning to pretty late at night.

For light interacting with a subject I enjoyed playing with both natural and artificial light. I wanted to see how light interacted with both material objects and humans so I used a self timer and tripod and took pictures of myself in various lighting. I really wanted to highlight the way light behaves on and interacts with skin.

Light as a subject was my favorite part of the project. I love the way shadows interact with their surroundings, forming shapes and lines. I wanted to experiment again with both natural and artificial light as well as hard and soft shadows. I played around the most with this part and took hundreds of shadow pictures throughout the two weeks.

Overall, it was really fun and interesting to pay more attention to how light interacts with everything around me and even me as well.

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