What is Watch-Win32_UPS

Watch-Win32_UPS is a utility written in PowerShell (v 7.1) that taps into the Windows Win32_Battery class in order to provide the following functions:

  • Email alerts
  • Logging functions
  • Action script

Watch-Win32_UPS monitors the battery state, the percentage capacity and the estimated run time remaining (in minutes). It raises email alerts, logs events or invokes the shutdown script based on these settings.

All options are customisable and optional. Watch-Win32_UPS can be setup so that no email alerts are generated, or have logging switched off. The Action script is optional as well. …

Introduction and catchup

This is an evolution of “HOWTO Send an email using Gmail from a system configuration using msmtp and heirloom-mailx (Ubuntu)” that you can find here.

Libsecret’s secret-tool utility

The password manager package that is being used here is called secret-tool and is part of the libsecret tools package. Documentation on this tool is available from http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man1/secret-tool.1.html.

To save a password:

secret-tool store — label=msmtp host smtp.gmail.com

(when prompted type in app generated password)

To verify that the password has been entered correctly:

secret-tool lookup host smtp.gmail.com

Modify the /etc/msmtprc config file:

sudo nano /etc/msmtprc

replace password line with

passwordeval “secret-tool lookup host smtp.gmail.com”

Introduction and Scope

The following procedure describes the steps to follow to create a solution what will send out an email. This was verified on Ubuntu (both server and GUI platforms). The setting will be stored as a system configuration rather than a user configuration (in which each user have their specific settings).

The reasons to configure the solution to use a system configuration are:

1. The settings are global and can therefore be used by multiple users. 2. One can send an email before a user has logged in. In this HOWTO we program the system so that it send an email…

Adapted from clip art downloaded from https://www.pinclipart.com

It is disappointing to discover that LinkedIn have been looking up peoples clipboard even when it is not active. The official explanation given is dry and needs much more explaining.

People use their clipboard to store sensitive data such as passwords in password managers and other sensitive exchanges. There could be sensitive medical data and other GDPR information.

LinkedIn is the organization that promotes itself as being for professionals. This behaviour is very unprofessional.

LinkedIn MUST answer the following questions:

1. Was this behaviour only in IOS or is it universal.

2. This is not a bug, this is a…

It would be safe to say that the South Korean conglomerate Samsung produces almost anything under the sun. It is present in every market and dominates or leads in most. Many-a-times Samsung gets it right but sometimes it does not. This is one story when Samsung got it wrong and how Samsung is blatantly breaking the consumer protection safeguards aimed to protect customers from this type of behaviour.

Samsung is producing internet connected Smart TVs that are not able to be updated with functional and security patches. Many of these TVs are under warranty and some are still being sold…

Protect yourself and your loved ones

It is possible to set up your computer so that sites that dish out malware as well as sites that are of an adult nature are prohibited from loading. Even though adults may have varying opinions regarding adult-related content, one can universally agree that there is enormous benefit to protect against sites that can harm the privacy and data belonging to computer users. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending less time going out and about their daily lives. They spend more time clicking links, engaging with virtual persons and roaming the corners of the internet they would have in…


· If in doubt don’t click it

· If it is too good to be true then it is

· Your boss will not come to you for help on topics that are not your job description

· Use your phone: If you need to confirm an email call the sender

· Does it look right to you — is it phrased well / is the style of writing the same as previous exchanges with the person / do the links appear to related to valid websites?

· NEVER install any program specially to do something that is illegal (watch…

My article titled Why you should not vote for 70 year old presidential candidates generated considerable feedback. My original article made a case that people who are in their 70s are not the best suited to be President of the USA. I rarely revisit or defend a topic, but after 77 year old Michael Bloomberg announced that he has joined the presidential race I felt this would be appropriate.

The US constitution states that a person needs to be at least 35 years old to be eligible to become President. When the minimum presidential age was established, the voting age…

The reason for putting forward a Democratic candidate against Donald Trump is “to secure the largest number of Electoral Colleges to ensure that the person is elected as the 46th President of the United States of America”.

The candidate will, in all likelihood, face incumbent Donald Trump as the Republican candidate. Donald Trump became president last time because he won more Electoral Colleges even though he got almost 3 million votes less than Hilary Clinton. …

Why is it that a bunch of septuagenarians are coming forward to lead the US? On the Republican side we have 73 year old Donald Trump while on the Democratic ticket, three of the top 5 candidates will be their 70s on inauguration day. These individuals are, at least, 3 years older than the revised retirement age in the US. Looking at it from another angle, all of them were born before 1950. Are these the top people the United States of America can put forward to take the country towards the challenges that it faces and are they the…

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