List of Geospatial Companies: EO, GIS, UAV, Agtech and more

Christoph Rieke
Jan 16, 2018 · 1 min read

A couple of months ago I started to maintain a Twitter “Geospatial Companies” list to keep track of all the interesting commercial companies in the fields of Geospatial Analysis (Earth Observation & GIS), Digital Farming/Agtech, Webmaps/Visualization, EO Satellites, UAV/Aerial, Geodata Infrastructure etc.

To expand on this, here is a Google sheet and below an interactive map of over 500 geospatial companies and offices all across the world. I hope this helps new and old members of the geospatial community to discover interesting projects and employers.

Click on the image to open the Google sheet

You can follow me on Twitter where I post about geospatial stuff. If you can improve some info or add a company that is missing please message me there, via Email or comment directly in the sheet!

Christoph Rieke

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geo. space. tech. geopolitics.

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