Lovable Losers Aren’t for Us Anymore: An Open Letter to Pessimistic Cubs Fans

It’s not about bad luck. It’s not about a curse some guy put on us when he and his smelly girlfriend got kicked out of the ballpark 70 years ago. It’s not about the silly predictions of a silly (fantastic but still silly) movie. It’s not about some dweeb wearing the first Beats prototype getting in the way of a foul ball. It’s not about bad trades, bad contracts, or a ground ball rolling through a guy’s legs.

It’s about the hopes and dreams of a city and a fan base. It’s about that feeling you get when you hear the organ before you can see the ballpark, the way that big green scoreboard shines in the sun. It’s about the memories you made there, the ones blocked out by a little too much Old Style, and the ones you can’t wait to make with your kids or grandkids. It’s about the heroes you watched give their all, sometimes for a decade or more, in the attempt to give us what we’ve never seen. It’s about broadcasters living and dying with each pitch while we hung on their every word. It’s about the way you misted up when Ryno retired and Ron Santo died.

But most of all it’s about a group of young men, most of them very young, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. These guys throw hard, run fast, and hit the absolute snot out of the ball. They are demon slayers wielding cut fastballs and Louisville Sluggers. The days of doom and gloom are over for us. Today is a brand new day and you best believe we are ready for it. “It’s Gonna Happen” is a slogan of the past. It’s happening. So buckle up, enjoy the ride, talk some trash, and fly your W flag high.