Break. Risk. Move. That’s life!

I AM STUCK my whole life in this monotonous cycle. Call it, a repetition or mercenary even. It is that feeling when you get up every morning and everything appears the same. And at one point, you ask yourself: Is this really life?

I want to break free, but something deep inside me begins to grieve. I know that if I’d try to, I will have to deal with changes. And it’s not that easy. There will be sacrifices ahead. That is what freedom costs, I guess. You try to obtain it at the expense of losing something from you too. You cannot grab something when your hands are full, right? And opportunity just does that. It comes in uninvited. And if you’re not lucky, you’ll miss it. So you’ll have to decide. Quick. As possible. Or regret it altogether.

I think it is the consequence of being born anew. You want to get out, but you are not that sure if you can even manage outside. And every time you make a decision, you feel you are born to a new world.

While I make one step, half foot outside the door, the other stuck inside, wanting to settle there forever. The tug of war begins. And if you are not going to hurry, you will be stuck to it for a long time. Just like I do. I want to loosen the grip of my present life, and explore a new world. Try something new perhaps. I know that the world is big enough. And if I choose to stay, I will not see the rest of it out there.

I need to move.

I need to get out.

I need to sacrifice.

I need to risk.

I need to deal with the pains.

I need to try.

But when I begin moving, I grieve what I lost. Stability is a gift. But movement is better. And I realize that between life and death, the difference is movement. Movement is life.

We cannot remain all the same… There are plenty of things the world can offer. And we cannot have it unless we begin to move. So maybe, try to move. Gear your feet. Follow you heart. Step back if you need. But what is important is you keep moving. No matter how many times you fail.

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