How can big companies innovate in digital?

This rant errr…analysis was inspired by an HBR article on a former employee’s perspective of how digital innovation was executed at The New York Times.

What I Learned from Trying to Innovate at the New York Times

In my opinion, big companies should expose their investments in disruptive companies, crowdsource feedback from users who use the products from these disruptive companies, share the product roadmap with users to convey what will be implemented, explain the reasoning behind the order of the roadmap and repeat.

Case in point is the relationship between NYT and Blendle.

NYT is an investor and content contributor to this disruptive startup seeking to charge readers on an a-la-carte basis per article for a few tens of cents on the dollar. Rather than sit back and wait to see if Blendle becomes successful with this new business model, NYT should be proactive in the above recommendation. Even further, they should try this new pricing scheme under their own branded-everything and see what happens.

Just my two cents. And yes, I would pay two cents to read an article :)