preserve some of the gray in the world
In Support of Free Speech
Tobias Lütke

Even if it means some people are allowed to actually state how Jews are evil and deserved to be gassed, kill all the muslims and turn the middle east into a glass desert, or forcefully support removing thousands of PoC from america because of fear.

Are you honestly sure that you publically want to tell people that you are ok with that grey area existing and think that just sidestep the argument by saying that “well, people are allowed to hold different opinions” ?

Well, I think if you were not a white guy with obvious privilege in a world which constantly rails against people who arent in your position, you would not say that. Since you do not have to suffer the consequences of your actions, or deal with the problems that come along with allowing that grey area to exist, I guess it is really easy for you to say that, does that make any sense?

Some ideas do not deserve a platform, because they are by their very core, a nasty, hateful, evil entity which we should all work to eradicate from the world, even if your goal is to just democratise commerce, sometimes, you need to decide your own morals, declare them as superior and apply them in order to be consistent with the world you have decided to live in.

However must you might try to deny this, it does just appear that you are hiding behind the “we are just a shopping platform guys” argument and denying your responsibility to uphold common decent human values which respect others, who are different from you.

You do get to choose and you appear, at face value, to be choosing the money, over morals, at least be honest about it!

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