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I can totally see where you are coming from and yes, to be honest, I am ok with accepting that I will get a smaller pool of people to select from.

Thing is, whilst you have to deal with maybe 1–2 companies, I have to deal with 20–30 candidates and I just don’t have the time to interview them all.

Also, its kind of accepted that you should be able to demonstrate your skills somehow. You have decided and chosen to not do that because of your personal preferences. I understand that, will you accept that some people won’t interview you because you are in fact making our lives more difficult by making us physically make time to see you, then reject you based on perhaps you don’t fit the criteria I was looking for?

I totally get the idea that we should be more open to different types of people, but fact is, that if I am in a hiring position, I am deluged by people and I have to make a quick decision.

If you are happy with the tradeoff you have made and you are finding valued employment, then I don’t see a problem to fix. You prefer it your way, I prefer it mine.

This is in no way like making hiring decisions based on sexuality or gender, as you have chosen to live your life the way you do. You have to live with whatever consequences drop out from that decision, whether they are positive or negative.