Why women can’t just ‘get over it’
Wanda Pratt

I guess we should just complain about everything for the rest of our lives. We should also always be pointing out all the hardships we had to overcome to have a better life. I mean shit! Did she mention about all the 18 year old boys who unwillingly were drafted in WWII and had to “man up” to go storm the beaches of normandy? Should men forever talk about how they had to do things like that in order for us to live free and write articles about complaining like this one?

Seriously….no one gives a fuck except all the other loser complainers out there. What value did you bring? What solution did you offer? Women are treated so much better today than ANY WHERE else in the world at ANY time in history. Better than men even. Have you been in a courtroom when it’s man vs woman? Forget it. He’s done 90% of the time. Have you seen women get lighter sentencing for the same crimes as men? The list goes on. Stop your complaining and teach your kids and readers something they didn’t know before.

However, I will argue till I die for your right to write and say whatever you want.

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