Shopify — Add custom fields & meta fields with ShopifyFD

Working with Magento, we have attribute sets feature that allows to add more extra fields to a product. Wheras, we can use metaboxes in WordPress (WooCommerce) to assign more custom fields to a product-type post.

Unfortunately, Shopify does not support a built-in functionality like that. In order to add a custom fields to a product, we need to use a 3rd-party Shopify application called ShopifyFD. It is basically a Chrome extension that connects to Shopify APIs and also automatically inserts a visual metabox form into our Shopify dashboard. By using this extension we will able to add product meta-fields visually like peace of cake.

To install ShopifyFD you can download it from:

Have a look at the screenshot above, we put metafield namspace (to distinguish with other metafield values) as “global”. You can choose whatever name you want.

In the next textfield, we define metafield key as “thumbnail”, then enter metafield value in the next textbox.

Every time you login to your Shopify dashboard, you will need to click on ShopifFD button at the top right of Google Chrome (see screenshot above) to initialize ShopifyFD scripts.