Happy Belated Father’s Day

Father’s Day
June 2017

Happy Father’s Day, dad. As much as I hate to admit, I am forever grateful for the life lessons you taught me as a young boy, and different kind as an adult.

I know you were sick in one way or other (in fact, more often than not more than one way) for my entire life. And for yours. I miss the great times we had, especially on the reservoir and on the farm in New Jersey, in the boat in Maine, and most of all in the Hobby Shop. Damn I loved that place! And still appreciate you teaching me what Customer Service meant, one at a time, before it became fashionable to do so.

We certainly had our conflicts, our fights even. I try to remember good times, and to forget and let go of the not-so-good times. It wasn’t always fun or pretty — this is real life. But I think the good times far outweigh the bad. Those lessons all add up with others to make me who I am. Thank you for that.

Its hard to write this, never have before. But I owe it to you. I am glad you’re not suffering any more. You weren’t perhaps the perfect dad (my siblings and mom are likely groaning in agony right now), but you were my dad. Thank you. And I love you. Don’t think I ever said this enough.

In these waning hours of Father’s Day, I miss you.


In Memorium
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