The world of entrepreneurship, and how to keep your head up.

You will have some successes, and some failures, but it doesn’t change who you are.

The last 3 years of my life have been spent around the world of being an entrepreneur, startups, small companies, and meeting many brilliant people. I have been part of successful small businesses, had two worthwhile attempts at creating my own startup, and also been asked to assist other entrepreneurs with implementing their startup ideas into real companies.

During this time there was many successes, and many failures, but no matter what, I always found a way to dig out of the trenches and continue moving forward. I used to read many articles online around the “up’s and down’s” of entrepreneurship, and other topics surrounding ways to defeat entrepreneur depression. I am not sure if these articles are what kept me going on a day to day basis, but I sure do know that even if I had one bad day, one good night sleep would cure my doubts, and I would wake up the next day ready to fight the world.

This time however, things are a little different. I am in a lull that I am struggling to get out of. I have many entrepreneurial projects currently in motion, and I am still getting small successes here and there, but I am not feeling the excitement I used to have for the world of entrepreneurship. At first I thought I was working on to many things at one time, instead of focusing on one specific project. However even while scaling back it has not solved the problem. All around me I see other entrepreneurs being successful, and knowing they had the same difficulties at some point previously. The struggle for me is how did they get back in the saddle and create these new innovative companies. It sometimes feels like I am stuck living in their shadows without a clear way for me to rise to the same height.

That now leaves me with the “what’s next” thought. Am I passionate about what I am currently doing? Is there something else out there I need to find? Am I looking at my future in the wrong way? I normally am the one advising other entrepreneurs on how they can try to be successful, and how the world of startups is by no means easy, but now I am asking the same questions myself.

By no means am I saying that I am giving up on being an entrepreneur. I think I just have not found the right idea yet. I might continue down this path of many failures, but each one means I have learned something new. I know that I am someone who likes to move fast, as well as someone who likes to see change make meaningful impacts in people’s lives through innovation.

If you have made it this far in this post, this is normally the part where the person writing gives away their advice on how to defeat entrepreneur depression. So, this is what I am going to leave all of you.

Don’t give up. If you are an entrepreneur, then you ARE an entrepreneur. It’s a part of you that no one can take away. True entrepreneurs know that the road is not easy, and that there are no handouts. Sure, you can get some luck thrown your way by being in the right place at the right time, but that is not normal. Keep pushing day by day, and someday you will be rewarded with what you deserve. People will try to keep knocking you down, but what makes you an entrepreneur is how to channel that negativity into new innovative opportunities that will create the next wave of startups and businesses. Always remember, you ARE an entrepreneur.