Life Calling Dreams: Clues to Discover Why You Are Here

A few thousand years ago a seventeen year old boy had two dreams that showed his family bowing down to him. Later, as a twenty-some year old, he interpreted the dreams of two inmates and they came true exactly as seen. As a result of that, he interpreted a dream that saved the lives of an entire nation.

He was able to interpret these dreams because he understood the correct principles for interpreting, while all the others at the time, using different rules, could not get the meaning. In another nation, at another time, a man likewise interpreted the dream of a king while no one else at the time was able to correctly interpret it. This dream contained the clues to all of world history — much of which has not even happened yet!

These men were named Joseph and Daniel and their stories are found in Genesis 37–41 and the book of Daniel in the Bible.

I myself have had my future foretold in dreams and I’ve interpreted the dreams of others who wanted to find out the clues to their life calling. In all cases, these people had no idea what their dreams meant and could not find many competent interpreters.

In five years of studying dreams, I’ve learned there are secrets to proper interpretation and the testimonies I’ve received from people all over the world are proof this works. There are many out there that use the same rules used by the “magicians” in Egypt or the “wisemen” in Babylon but just like back a few thousand years ago, those interpretations miss the mark. My experience proves this.

Some dreams have clues to your personal life calling while others are about warnings of serious events that are about to happen. Some contain advice for business agreements while others tell you who you should or should not marry. Dreams are filled with codes and even contain ideas for inventions. If you have dreams that are more like nightmares and you are being attacked, chased or paralyzed, these can be reversed when you find out what is going on in your real life.

If you are interested in finding out what your dreams are telling you and want to find out what different types of common dreams mean, check out more at my website. I have been doing these interpretations for over a year online and 700+ emails have revealed many amazing insights to many people. You can find many articles and some testimonies on this topic and more and get started finding the clues to why you are here and your highest purpose on earth. Contact me at