It All Starts With The Perfect Morning

I have spent a significant amount of time looking in to the routine of some of the most successful people. This was in hope that I could find the secret formula to becoming an $100 millionaire (if I say it enough surely it will come true..right?). It’s not that I wasn’t a morning guy before, but let’s just say I used to hit the snooze button once or twice or five times. So here are a few tips I include in my morning routine, that I have found to help make the perfect morning routine.

1. Get up early

How obvious I know.. And yet how many of us leave it to the very last minute to get out of bed. At first it is kind of tough..1st world problem kind of tough, but still I get it, the initial challenge of your eyes feeling like they are going to pop out of your head its a real shock. A few things I have found to help this process, includes a good alarm. My phone is my go to and I love waking up to The Rock yelling at me to get my “ass out of bed”. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not for everyone, but with the options you have for free.. I would get the perfect alarm sorted as a high priority. Don’t make it your favorite song or soon it will be your most hated song.. trust me. Get your clothes ready in the morning. This is a spoiler alert for point 3, but if your going to workout in the morning you don’t want to spend 20 minutes looking for matching socks. Make sure your lunch for work is prepared the night before to make your morning as efficient as possible.

4:55am — I wake up, I hit snooze once for 5 minutes.

List of famous people who get up early:

  • Richard Branson — 5:45am (Owner of the Virgin empire)
  • Tim Cook — 3:45am (CEO of Apple)
  • Mark Wahlberg — 2:30am (Movie Actor)
  • Anna Wintour — 5:45am (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue)
  • Gary Veynerchuck — 6:00am (Entrepreneur and Investor)

2. A cold glass of water

This isn’t a tip from a famous person but more for the health benefits. Studies show that drinking a cold glass of water in the morning can boost your metabolism by up to 24%. How true that is I don’t know.. But at least you can re hydrate yourself after a long night of fasting and flush out the built up toxins.

5:03am — As soon as I get out of bed I grab a 500ml pint glass I own and drink water.

3. Morning exercise

You have heard it all before. How good is morning exercise? I have found working out in the morning has been my preferred time to hit the gym. This came about through experimenting gym training at different times. I generally work until 6:00pm, I have about a 30 minute commute home. I used to go home, get changed, get something to eat, and then hit the gym. This was alright for a while, until I would miss getting dinner ready and generally getting home to a frustrated partner who had to do all of the food preparation whilst I came home to cooked meal (seems like a fair deal right..?). Also there was always a reason not to go, too tired, a family members birthday, friends pop past, the excuses are endless. I then tried training later after 9:00pm, but then I was too energised before bed and I would spend the next few hours thinking about all the things I need to do in my life.. So mornings it is! Not to mention I go to work feeling so much more energised and switched on (be prepared for 3:00pm crashes in the first couple of weeks..but stick with it!).

5:15am — I go to my local gym that is 6 minute drive from my house. I do weights everyday, isolating a body part each day of the week and then hit the stair master for 12 minutes.

4. Meditation by being grateful

I try my very best to be a glass half full type of guy.. I mean I get annoyed, I’m moody, a lot gets on my nerve. But all and all, I try my best to be positive and grateful. Just recently I downloaded this great app called ‘Fabulous:The Motivation App’ that you allocate a time in the morning and a little reminder message comes up to be grateful about a few things. It allows you to focus on other areas too, but at this point that little reminder is all I need for what I want to achieve. I have also read this great book called the Happyness Advantage by Shawn Anchor and he talks about all the positives of well..being positive and grateful with everything you have. I suggest by starting with one of his basic principals, this being to think of 3 things you are grateful for. I try to follow the following method:

  • Direct to me — My Mum, Dad, Girlfriend, Dog, Health etc.
  • Indirect to me — My car (being fortunate enough to have one), water, my phone (it sounds superficial, but I can speak with my friends, do work, its really an amazing device. I still remember the Nokia 3310) etc.
  • Environment — Fresh air , the sunshine, the bright moon etc.

It might seem straightforward at first, but thinking of the small things you are grateful for will really brighten your day. Give it a try!

6:25am — As soon as I get back from the gym I wake my dog up and take him outside to go to the bathroom and sniff around for about 20 minutes. I generally look at the sunrise and think of 3 things I am grateful for.

5. Green powder

Another hippy health tip. Get a serving of green powder. I use My Protein version because it is cheap and has a dodgy tropical flavor that tastes better than the normal green powder. When having green powder keep in mind it tastes like algae smells its not exactly my beverage of choice. But nonetheless after I shot this in the morning I feel like Popeye!

6:45am — I get my breakfast ready and shot a green powder shake.

6. Have some protein

A high protein breakfast will give you more energy and make you fill fuller for longer than your piece of toast with jam. Not to mention protein is the key to building and retaining muscle mass and is needed after you have implemented your newly equipped workout routine! Not just protein but giving your body real whole food is so vital to feeling energised throughout the day. After work I go straight to the gym, have dinner, wash the dishes, iron my shirt and then work on my posts. Don’t get me wrong I feel tired, but I know I feel a lot better by eating a whole food diet then what I would eating microwaved frozen food.

6:48am — My breakfast every day includes either 5 scrambled eggs or Weet-Bix and a protein shake.

7. Read some news of industry

Everyone wants to be a $100 millionaire and yet no one wants to put the work in. Just reading on the latest news and trends in your industry each morning will put you a few steps a head of your co workers. Just think, most people spend their mornings flipping through Instagram and Facebook. Find some reliable sites that provide summaries of key areas in your industry and maybe when Monday’s meeting rolls around you have something to contribute and fresh ideas.

7:00am — I am in the Wealth Management industry, so I load up the latest share related information and see how the international markets have moved over night. I also look for any news with shares that I personally keep an eye on.

8. Have a cold shower

This is straight from Tony Robbin’s. But instead of a hyperbaric chamber, just jump in a cold shower for a few minutes. Having a cold shower is said to improve your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, boost your mood and reduce muscle inflammation. After a big morning, I find it gives me another energy boost before kicking off the day. Come on…give it a shot!

7:10am — I turn on the shower and set it cold for about 2 minutes before having a normal shower..with warm water.

9. Listen to some audiobooks or podcasts

As mentioned previously spend over 30 minutes commuting to and from my work. I used to put on my favorite radio station and sing a long to some beats before sitting at my desk for 8 hours. But now I listen to audiobooks. I try my best to get some downtime in and read real hardcover books, (kids do we remember what these are?) but I find any spare time I have I put towards my study, relationships and now audiobooks. I use Audible as its advertised everywhere and I am a sucker for Amazon. The end of the works and I can listen to a new book a week.

7:40am — In the car listening to my latest audiobook.

Thank you for reading my post on the perfect morning! I am sure you have come across some more useful tips that could really benefit others. Please comment them below (also for my own benefit). A few small habits can really improve your life in a big way, just work them into your routine and be patient. Just remember there are 365 mornings in a year and some days you may want to sleep in or your perfect morning may not go to plan..don’t stress, be patient and try again tomorrow. Keep on smiling.

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” ~ John Quincy Adams
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