Building NativeScript Apps with React

TL;DR — If you’re interested in building NativeScript apps with React, let Telerik know by voting up the feature request.

I’ve been deeply involved with React Native since April 2015. To say I’m a fanboy is a bit of an understatement for sure. But, I’m super intrigued with the fact that NativeScript {N} gives you 100% access to native APIs. This means “The entire native platform functionality is available in the JavaScript layer”. Sounds great, right? The only catch is that in order to do so, you’d either need to write vanilla JS or more recently you can write them with Angular2. Personally, I’d rather not do either. I’d rather use my hard earned React skills. And this is technically possible…

Sounds fair, TJ VanToll. And the decision to choose ng2 was a considered decision for sure. I’m sure Angular2 is great!

But I can’t help myself. I want what I want. And what I want is the ability to write NativeScript apps in React, and I don’t think I stand alone. I also think this is a win-win situation. Telerik’s NativeScript wins by exposing themselves to a 317,452(ish) react developers. And the react community wins because we get another seemingly amazing option when developing cross-platform mobile apps.

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Together, we can help make this a reality. If you have the development chops (I don’t), you can of course write the plugin yourself. If you don’t, then you can join me to UPVOTE the feature request and hope it gets enough demand to motivate Telerik.

If you’re still confused by what I mean when I say 100% native API access, this video ought to set you straight, and it gives you a pretty good idea what can be done with NativeScript + Angular2 as well.

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