Did you forget searching for the app (typing + click) and the chance of failing to find the app on…
Eric Elliott

Great reply, and to be clear I agree that PWAs will likely, someday, be as capable if not more capable than natively installed apps. It’s exciting for sure. I don’t think they’re there yet, but it’s still early and there’s definitely reason to be optimistic about their future. And I’m sure that PWAs would be a great solution for many (most?) of the apps created today.

I do wish the “add to homescreen” wasn’t so “wish and a prayer” ish. I understand why they wouldn’t just let every developer prompt the user with every page load, but I can’t help wonder if there’s a better compromise in this area.

As for install friction, we’ll just have to disagree. I think the native app install process is fairly buttery smooth for the most part. I do find the constant updates to be an annoyance, which is not a problem in the PWA space. In fact, updates are completely transparent, which is a HUGELY beneficial feature IMO.