The Cost of Native Mobile App Development is Too Damn High!
Nader Dabit

If you’re looking to build an MVP, prototype, or are not worried about the user experience mimicking that of a Native app, then a Hybrid app may work for you.

I think an important point to make here is that when you bet on a Hybrid stack for your MVP, you’re playing a short game. If your hybrid app is successful, you’ll find it doesn’t scale well as the product requirements become more complex. Eventually, you’ll be forced with a difficult decision, whether to refactor the whole app or continue limping along. With options like React Native & Native Script, it makes far more sense (to me) to start off with one of them since they’re good for quick prototypes, MVPs, and set you up for the long game as well.

React Native has been implemented in parts of the Instagram mobile app.

I would love to know which parts of the app use react native, and what percentage as a whole. Know of any references?

Much of Airbnb is being rewritten in React Native

10–15% of the app is react native according to Leland’s ReactConf Talk

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