Recap of Sprout 2018 — the most immersive Bay Area trip run by STUDENTS for STUDENTS.

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We came out of the building buzzing with inspiration and excitement after spending 45 minutes with Lyft’s COO Jon McNeill. His experience and knowledge in the industry, which included working directly with Elon Musk at Tesla, was astounding.

We were starstruck. Nothing could come close to this experience. Right?

But little did we know, later we would be riding electric scooters behind AT&T Park with the Chief Business Officer of Spin, a dockless electric scooter company bought by Ford for $100 million, and listening to a Google X employee talk about moonshot ideas that aimed to revolutionize the world at billions of dollars in scale. …

Over the past few months I’ve been writing a book titled Breaking Through: Finding Passion and Purpose as an Asian American, and I’m excited to say that it is out and available on Amazon!

As you can probably guess, Breaking Through is about searching for that career or activity you truly love in the face of parental and societal expectations, which often for Asian Americans tends to be a common struggle.

After researching and interviewing over 100 successful Asian Americans and discussing my book topic with friends, the question I always get is, “Chris, why and how did you decide to write a book?” …

Flights from ORD to SFO: $200. 5 days in SF on Sprout: Priceless.

Sprout is an immersive experience hosted by EPIC for any Northwestern undergraduate to explore entrepreneurship first-hand through a trek to the San Francisco Bay Area. I had the honor of planning and executing our first Sprout on the West Coast this past winter break and it was an awesome time.

After talking with multiple startups, VCs and tech companies, I’ve noted some of the most important takeaways from our time on Sprout.

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Our first visit was to GSV Labs!

DAY ONE: GSV, Indiegogo, Particle

On our first day we took a trip to GSV Labs, a VC firm focused on education, technology, entertainment, sustainability, big data, mobile and others. We were greeted by Suzee Han (co-founder of EPIC!) and Li Jiang (co-founded a dorm supplies company at NU). …


Chris Guo

Student @ NU. Author of “Breaking Through.”

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