What happened when my team inherited an unloved but critical system

At the end of 2016, the Financial Times Product & Tech department experienced a bit of a cabinet reshuffle. In real terms this meant that a number of key applications in use were going to be supported by other teams. One of these happened to be Citrix. An outgoing member of staff smiled soberly at me on his way out and said “Good luck with Citrix, you’re going to need it”.

At the time I reacted, like I often do, with a flippant laugh born primarily out of nervousness and a time honoured refusal to accept what I’m being told…

What is AD?

If you live in my world of Tech, Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) is the cornerstone which underpins your entire Windows Estate. For those of you lucky souls not in the know it’s a place where user accounts, computer accounts, server accounts, user groups, device groups and policies live. We use it in order to access networks (wired and wireless), assign permissions to access share drives or Linux Groups. It stores encryption keys for devices. Without it you can’t connect to the office network, and there may be software or servers you can’t get access to. …

Chris Hayes

Tech Lead — End User Computing at the Financial Times

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