Florida Democratic Party Chair Race Gets Competitive
Asa Zaretsky

I agree that the Florida Democratic Party is in absolute shambles. Despite, the slim victory that Crist had over Jolly, they really got destroyed in the most recent election and past elections. It’s sad because people have been saying for awhile that things are not going well for the party and someone had even updated their wikipedia page at one point with articles saying that Alison Tant wasn’t doing a very good job during her reign as the chairman but it was removed and replaced with rehashed news saying that everything was fine. That tells me that they are more focused on looking good rather than admitting their own mistakes as a party to truly entice voters during the elections.

It’s amazing to me how this party can’t utilize its many resources, data technology or find better talking points. It seems like they are suffering even more than the rest of the Democratic Party when it comes to having a messaging problem to convince voters. Their twitter feed was almost always nothing but trolling Republican politicians and sharing memes saying that they aren’t Republicans and that is why people should vote for them. However, despite data seeming to favor Democrats nationally, many people were falling through the cracks and not seeing the economic turnaround being reflected and they lost because of that. Trump spotted this and he won because he targeted the themes that people could resonate with and visualize regardless of how much people might want to deny this and just assume that voters were just willing to tolerate racism.

I’m a Republican but after all the controversy with Schultz and Clinton and the many times Allison Tant failed to live up to the baseline party expectations and nothing was done about it, I actually hope that they find someone who truly represents the voters. It’s insulting to see their base treated as just numbers rather than people who are living in Florida and looking for good leadership that will actually represent them. Their constituents deserve better leadership.

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