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I disagree. I think he should be given a chance. As a Republican, I didn’t like the fact that President Obama got elected over Senator McCain but I gave him a chance and some things happened that I liked and others that I didn’t like. President Obama like President Trump was the leader of the country and he deserved a chance to lead since he earned it and garnered the confidence of the American people to do so. I even criticized some of my Republican colleagues who said that they hoped he would fail because I don’t want the leader of my country to fail regardless of whether I agree with him on everything.

I saw the protestors vandalizing Washington D.C. and people already trying to assemble a petition to remove Trump from office just because he became President of United States. Personally, I think it’s backwards thinking to not give the most powerful person in the United States as the moment a chance and hope he doesn’t perform well especially since we live in the country that depends on his success. I read your article about how you won’t give him a chance or listen to others who have mentioned that he hadn’t done anything yet before the inauguration which you deemed as a lie because of things he said during his campaign, but I think he should still be given a chance to lead because it’s the right thing to do regardless of what many might feel about him as a person. Also, you mentioned the downgrading, that actually happened before he was even elected president and the EIU analysts attributed that his election was an effect of the underlying causes that led the EIU to downgrade the US. They noted that this ranking was attributed to a long term trend that preceded President Donald J. Trump but his election was not the cause of the downgrade.


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