A year without The Fear to make things clear
David Fitzgerald

The first time that I denied booze at a bar was one of the happiest moments that I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been in the same predicament for almost half of a decade through college and since graduating where I was doing things to make it seem like everything was alright. Much of it had to do with confidence issues that I had and I drank much more because alcohol became a reward or a means of me feeling better about myself. Too much of a good feeling is bad when one isn’t staying in the real world and in the present to address one’s problems. I’ve been two months sober now since starting contract work and though I kind of jumped into a contract job that might not have made things financially stable for me at the time, it was a break from the temptation of booze that I had become lured to in my surroundings back in Florida. I needed to break and a change in order to not have the feeling of going to places where alcohol was present and ordering from the same friendly bartenders out of habit which had taken up much of my budget and common sense back in Florida. The new environment was helpful because I learned how to better budget my money by cutting my spending and making my own meals and planning my grocery shopping to save money and stay healthy. I’ve since lost tremendous negative weight from the absence of alcohol and I’m less stressed as well. I also feel more confident in myself knowing that I don’t need booze to trick me into feeling better. Here is my story regarding my first two months of sobriety:


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