Cortana is really, really bad
John David Back

I recently switched from a Mac Book to a Surface Book, and I love it. I also have an iPhone with the Cortana App. Windows does have a bunch of issues when it comes to a few UX things, like the right-click menu has too many options that could be consolidated, I think that Explorer isn’t as fluid as Finder, and I wish I could drag files to the program icon I want to open it with like on a Mac. Cortana does have UX issues like you just mentioned, but once it’s set up it works fine. I hate Siri. She can never understand me. I hate that I can’t speak to her and have the option to type into her at the same time. I find Cortana actually understands me better when I speak. Siri messes up what I’m saying all the time. I think they both have their issues. And I think both can be and will be improved.

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