Final project time!

Wow, I have not blogged in a while. This bootcamp over at The Iron Yard has kept me very busy. The last few weeks have flown by, and the information is flying even faster. I have learned so much about React, and all of the tools it can use to build simple applications. We have done everything from build todo apps, shopping carts using redux, and connecting to Firebase over at google to keep track of data. I am now starting my final project using React this week and I believe I have a pretty cool idea.

The idea stems from the fact that when I was first digging around the web for information on how to build a simple, static web site, the information available to me was very confusing. Most places take a different approach as to how to get a newbie’s feet wet. I found this very jarring, and it initially turned me away from it (over a year ago). Now, I would like to build an application that takes concepts from sites like CodeWars and other coding challenger sites, and mix it with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS. A user should be able to log in, see available “project outlines” submitted by other users, and take a stab at completing it without handholding.

This would be a community driven learning environment, and you can follow my progress on my GitHub over at .

I will also from time to time be building and updating my surge build over at

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