Object Oriented Programming.

As you may know by now, I am currently working through the Front End Web Developer program at The Iron Yard. We just wrapped up a week working with Objects and how they can be used in templates, fetches, prototypes, and all kinds of interesting things. I was able to successfully create a mini Jeopardy game using some data from jservice.io. Using a concept I was familiar with (Constructors) I was able to create Questions and Categories and use them to create a table of 6 categories with 5 questions each. This was a great learning opportunity because I was already familiar with Objects, inheritance and prototypes, but I was not as familiar with the ability to use scope and methods to display objects in a template. This was a big eye opener and I hope the frameworks like ReactJS come easier to me now.

I have started to incorporate some functional programming style into my code, and mostly I’ve been working on keeping my code clean and organized. Combining repeated code and using better comments are a real long term goal of mine to master. I recently came across another style (or markup language) that I will try to use called JSdoc . It looks really clean.

We are now moving on to Unit testing, which I have had some experience with, but hope to learn more and get to the point where I actually involve testing in with my larger projects.

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