C# logo for stickers + stuff

Chris McKee
2 min readJul 10, 2019

originally posted at https://chrismckee.co.uk/c-logo-for-stuff-and-stickers/
around 07/2013

Back in early 2013 I was pasting stickers all over my Acer, as if it was some sort of third-rate thermal insulation, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a C# one.

Annoyingly all the C# ones were god awful. But Jeremy Kratz had made a nice C++ one while at MSFT and had kindly made it clear he wasn’t bothered about the licence something confirmed recently.

Anyhoo I liked it and decided to try and replicate it in Illustrator then sort for print in PhotoShop, whacked in main shape and lines, added in a circle for the c with a bit of editing, and a # sign in a nice Visual Studio friendly font (Consolas Bold) and coloured it in VS livery.

And here it is,

I’d formatted a transparent PNG for RedBubble on an A4 document (which is their requirement) so I know these print fine.

In the UK and want a batch? I’d advise https://stickerapp.co.uk/ great service and high quality. 50 stickers at 7 wide x 7.7cm high with small die cut (cutline) is 36 quid. 50 at 5.3x5.8 cm would be 21; pretty neat.

I’ll pop the vector version up if/when I dig it out.

Licence wise

Use as you will, I’m not wholly arsed about attribution as the designs plagiarised but the share alike is important to keep it public. Do pretty much whatever you like; tattoo it to your butt for all I care.