The Meares Digital Analytics File — Featuring United Airlines, Facebook and the Sideways Dictionary

Every week I will be providing readers with interesting happenings in the digital analytics field from around the web. At times, I will also provide links to other articles that might not be 100% digital analytics focused, but which will include extremely interesting and useful information. I hope you enjoy the articles and wrap-ups.

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The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics

A fellow Philadelphia analytics expert wrote a great article about how startups should get started with analytics. The article goes through the different stages of startup growth and how you should be doing analytics at every stage. He even gives recommendations on toolsets that you should look at to do analytics the most efficiently and effectively. I might not agree with all his toolset recommendations, but the article is a great resource.

United Airlines Mentions Exceed 1.5 Million in a Day As Passenger Dragged From Plane

By now I am sure you have heard of the horrible experience that one passenger had on a United Airlines flight this past weekend. The video of a passenger being dragged off a flight went viral and United Airlines is taking a hit in social media. This article shows just how quickly and at scale a corporation’s mistake can be shared across the social universe. One interesting tidbit: the days leading up to the event saw United Airlines have a total positive sentiment score averaging around 91%, but after the event it dropped to 31%.

Here Are the Changes Facebook Introduced for Video Metrics in Page Insights

Facebook rolled out some changes to how publishers can view the analytics of their videos posted on their platform. Most of these changes will make it easier to get a deeper understanding of how your videos are performing and was based on feedback provided to Facebook from their publishing partners. It’s good to see Facebook constantly making changes to the data they provide their publishing partners. Hopefully they won’t miscalculate the data again!

Sideways Dictionary — Like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions

The Washington Post and Jigsaw (an incubator inside of Google) created this website that can be extremely useful. It is basically like a dictionary but instead of definitions you get analogies to explain technology. It is very helpful when trying to explain complex technology items such as APIs, browser cookies, firewalls, etc. to luddites.

The algorithm that could help end partisan gerrymandering

Every ten years after the census, states redraw the borders of their legislative districts. In most states politicians oversee this process, known as partisan gerrymandering. So how do we stop this process from occurring? Perhaps we can use algorithms and this video does a great job of explaining how.

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