Stop Dragging Your Heels — Video Advertising Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

(This article was first published on the Shuut blog, found here)

Over the past 50 years, marketing and advertising have changed by the bucketload. Gone are the days of static billboards and naive customers willing to simply take your word that your business is better than your competition.

In today’s online world, that doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to display value and maintain your audience’s interest to increase your chances of making a sale. Companies have found that one of the best ways to sell their services is by attributing emotion to them and as the visual market has expanded, video has rapidly claimed its territory.

The illusion many are under, however, is that creating videos for online marketing comes down as all-too-hard. When customers can sniff out low-production quality at the drop of a hat, how can creating a viable video marketing strategy not be a real budget-breaker? In this article, we’re going to dispel some of these common myths, as well as offer you a quick and simple solution.

Cost doesn’t mean quality

The first myth of video marketing is that, to get top quality, you’ve got to pay a lot of money. Although a big budget can get you studio-standard videos, you can easily create authentic and eye-catching shoots from the comfort of your smartphone.

The cost of this? Well, if you’ve already got your phone, how much is your electricity bill to charge it? Yep — it’s as simple as that.

Start small and work your way up

As a small business, your audience aren’t going to expect to stumble across a feature-length film from you on their News Feed. In fact, research has shown that shorter videos actually perform better anyway. By 2 minutes in, the majority of online videos have lost 65% of their viewer-base, so the key is getting in early and capturing your audience’s attention.

If you can do this and get your message across clearly and concisely, you’re onto a winner. Feeling more ambitious in the future? You can always scale your videos to make them gradually longer and longer, instead of trying to tackle the task of a lengthy shoot all at once.

The secret recipe — little and often

If you’re looking into video marketing, you’ve probably got Return on Investment in mind. Because of the astonishing engagement stats that online videos garner, they can work absolute wonders for your ROI. They do, however, need a little bit of TLC from you.

Unknown to some, video marketing has a performance ceiling, meaning there’s only so far you can get with one video before it plateaus. The key to success with video marketing is creating shorter, snappier videos and setting up a schedule for posting them regularly. We’ll be covering that real soon, so stay tuned on our blog for updates.

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