Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

I understand that there are those among us who legitimately feel angry, alienated and in many cases, entirely forgotten.……who feel like we’re experiencing all-time lows with respect to partisan lines being ridden harder than ever by our elected officials across all parties, up and down the ladder……and that there are those among us who legitimately feel as though we need to shake that ladder until all they all coming crashing to the ground along with “the system” they all follow and force feed to us.

I also appreciate the emotional aspect of all this and considering I get publicly angry myself from time to time, I don’t begrudge ANY of you ANY of those feelings of anger and desire for change.

Just PLEASE do us all a favor:

Choose your agent of change wisely (so that you don’t dry fuck the rest of us who DID choose wisely right in the ass).


K thanks.

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