How to make money with Pokemon Go proxies

While the title sounds like those click-baity titles you find anywhere online and you will start to laugh, I must say that a whole marketplace of Pokemon Go account has been created. And while we wonder if there are people playing Pokemon Go in 2017, there are some guys making money by developing and selling Pokemon Go account. The edge of their money making method doesn’t rely on these guys running all day around the city. The edge they develop relies upon developing several automated accounts through proxies for Pokemon Go.

Why are they using proxies for Pokemon Go

Their setup is simple. Anybody can replicate it and start on the path of generating an income by selling Pokemon Go account.

The reasons to buy proxies for Pokemon Go are explained here, so I am not going to explain what are these proxies and how to use them. The only think I am going to mention in a few sentences why you need these proxies.

The main advantage of a Pokemon Go proxy is to geo-spoof your location. Thus, by connecting through a Los Angeles proxy for Pokemon Go you can stay in your living room in Miami, while your Pokemon Go character could be hunting rare Pokemon around Beverly Hills.

But, from a money making perspective, the true power of proxies for Pokemon Go rely on their scaling properties.

How the money are made with proxies for Pokemon Go

The edge created by Pokemon Go proxies by geo-spoofing your location can be scale and multiplied by its user. Thus, the same user from above (I mean you), sitting in a living room in Miami, can use dedicated software and proxies for Pokemon Go to automate several tens or hundreds of accounts to hunt rare Pokemon around the United States metropolitan areas.

I think you can see from where the money are coming. By developing and selling accounts.

Where are accounts bought and sold

Ever since the summer of 2016 craze with Pokemon Go, online marketplaces started popping up. Here users can interact and buy and sell their Pokemon Go accounts. One such marketplace is IGVault.

A final catch

While this article didn’t explain the step by step method of making money with Pokemon Go, private proxies and Pokemon Go bots, it laid the blueprint on which an user can start developing Pokemon Go account to generate an income.