Use proxies to get unblocked from Craigslist

Craigslist have been glorified and vilified. And in the same way private proxies did. Both the website and the privacy tool are not fully understood by the general population or the regular Internet user. Let’s not mention Craigslist proxies, a tool which will raise many eyebrows around due to its less known use. However, the purpose of this article is to provide a solution to unblock Craigslist. And the tool used is Craigslist proxies.


The simple reason for which Craigslist, as any other website, blocks certain users is due to their abusive behavior. One way or another, these users had a behavior unacceptable by the classified ads website.

This does not mean their behavior was illegal. It simply means that their behavior didn’t abide to Craigslist terms.

Moreover, the abusive behavior of these users can have various reasons behind. Some have posted multiple ads for the same item. Others had used dedicated software to post on the classified ads website. Both these behaviors are considered abusive.

However, there are others who simply can’t use Craigslist as their business requires.


There are some businesses which will use Craigslist better if they were allowed to post in other areas, independent from their current location. But the website does not allow running multiple ads in multiple locations. Thus, businesses are limited to advertising only in their current area.

This is a limitation which stops both certain businesses and Craigslist from developing a better relationship.

For example, a boat selling company located in Florida needs to limit its classified ads marketing to Florida. But, they could find leads and successfully advertise on the whole East Coast, or even in California. Unfortunately, Craigslist will block such behavior.

On the other hand, if such a block occurs, business have a way in which to get unblocked from Craigslist. They can get unblocked from Craigslist by using classified ads proxies, or simply Craigslist proxies.


Craigslist proxies are virgin proxies offered by providers for the purpose of posting multiple classified ads in various area.

Craigslist proxies are sold in packages of minimum 5 proxies. This means that for each package, a buyer will receive 5 IPs from which he can log in independently to Craigslist. Therefore, any business looking to develop a classified ads campaign must buy Craigslist proxies.

In comparison to other proxy packages, classified ads ones offer the use the option to choose the location of his IPs. Thus, upon delivery, these proxy IPs will come from a desired area. thus, making it easy to target leads from a certain area.

So, the boat selling company from the previous example, can buy proxies for Craigslist and advertise their boats on both coasts. Even in Alaska.


Even if a business got their office IP blocked by the classified ads website. They can buy proxies to unblock from Craigslist and continue to post classified ads to generate leads.

They will not manage to use their office’s IP anymore to post ads, but they can divert all ads posting through their proxies. Also, if one of their proxies’ IP get blocked as well, they can always ask their providers to refresh their Craigslist proxies list.