Instagram Proxies Won’t Make You Rich

Chris Roark
Apr 26, 2017 · 4 min read

Most beginners in social media marketing and affiliate marketing think that by reaching a large audience with any means possible will bring them success and riches. With this mentality, they use any imaginable way of reaching a large audience to promote their affiliate links.

Some marketers read on various marketing forums that gathering a large audience on Instagram by using a social media automation tool and Instagram proxies, will bring them success and riches.

This approach is very appealing. A marketer only needs an automation tool, several Instagram proxies, or any other social media proxies, and a bunch of accounts. And by automating these accounts to follow an ever larger number of followers, the marketer hopes to make a large profit by promoting affiliate links.

However, there are a few flaws in this approach. Using social media proxies and automation tools to manage several accounts, can be a good approach to audience nurturing. But, the setup itself will not generate commissions. And the marketer’s profits will remain just a dream.

In this article, you are going to see why the setup, or better said, the tools are different from the strategy. And tools without a strategy can’t generate consistent profits.

What are Instagram proxies

Instagram proxies are private proxies used for Instagram. They are simple HTTPS proxies. The only difference is that Instagram proxies are virgin proxies. This means that previously Instagram proxies have never been used to connect to the social media platform. Thus, their history with Instagram is clean.

A marketer can buy Instagram proxies from review websites as BestProxyProviders or from any specialized proxy provider. In addition, marketers managing several tens or hundreds of Instagram accounts need to protect each account from the behavior of his other accounts. This can be achieved by connecting only one account per proxy.

Instagram allows to connect from the same IP maximum five accounts. So, a marketer needs private proxies for social media to connect and manage several accounts from the same automation tool.

How are Instagram proxies used

As mentioned above, Instagram proxies are used to connect accounts to the social media platform. A marketer can use Instagram proxies and manage several accounts for two reasons.

First, the marketer manages several accounts on behalf of his customers. Therefore, he will need a protection net. A way to protect each account and each client interest from the others. Therefore, the cheapest and easiest method to do so is to buy a social media management tool, such as MassPlanner or FollowLiker. And then use Instagram proxies to connect separately each account.

Second, a marketer might need several social media accounts for his own business. For example, a Pet Store marketing manager might want to develop several Instagram accounts, for dog lovers, cat lover, grumpy cat memes etc. She will not be able to connect and manage manually all these accounts from the same PC or device. Therefore, she will need to use a social media automation or management tool and Instagram proxies to connect and manage all their accounts.

Why these proxies are important

Now that you understand the use of these proxies, you can see also their importance. Without social media proxies, marketers managing several social media accounts could face major risks of getting their accounts banned or their IP flagged.

However, many marketers make the error of confusing social media proxies with tools that will guarantee their success. The forget that the only importance of social media proxies is to safely connect your multiple accounts to the social media platform. Nothing more, nothing less. Instagram proxies will only connect Instagram accounts to the social network. They will not make anybody rich.

The error most marketers make

Most marketers make the error of thinking in very simple terms. Often times even diminutive terms. They[marketers] think that by simply using Instagram proxies to scale their operation will bring the Midas touch in affiliate marketing.

Their thinking is simple. They want to scale their operation and instead of 500 followers for one account, they want to reach 50.000 followers by using automated accounts connected through Instagram proxies and automation tools.

However, reaching a large audience by scaling your social media operation without having a clear strategy can be a costly effort. Such a setup can costs up to $500 a month. So marketers need to take a different approach.

The difference between tools and strategies

Using several accounts and Instagram proxies doesn’t guarantee success. Both social media accounts are proxies are tools. And using more tools will not result in better outcomes.

Marketers need to develop a strategy. They must look at ways to delight their audience. They must find either a product or service that will attract and convert visitors into buying customers.

Once they develop their business and marketing strategy, they must use their multiple social media accounts and proxies only as a traffic channel. Indeed, a scalable traffic source through Instagram proxies.

Who can use these proxies successfully?

Marketers and businesses already selling a product appealing to social media can have an almost guaranteed success with the help of Instagram proxies. Because, they will use these proxies as what they really are. A simple tool to connect accounts. But by using this tool to scale their operation to reach a larger audience for their already profitable product, Instagram proxies will be a great addition to their arsenal.

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