Why the best proxies come in so many ‘sizes’

Every marketing or hacking forum had it fair share of questions regarding the best proxies one can get. But this is the wrong question forum members are posing. And by asking a wrong question, wrong answers will be provided. Therefore, I have a better question. A question to which forum readers will get a better answer regarding their private proxy quest. The right question to pose is: “Which provider has the best proxies for this service”?

Just best proxies do not exist

Today, asking which provider offers simply the best proxies is like asking which sneaker brand has the best shoes for you. Chances are you will get an incomplete and general answer. You see, proxy providers started specializing in offering proxies for different online services. Just like shoe companies.

For example, two guys browsing amazon.com for sport shoes, might look for different kind of shoes, suited to their needs. One might be in need for the best basketball shoes. While the other might be looking for cheap running shoes.

We can find the same situation in the world of private proxies. Where, today, in 2017, asking which provider offers the best private proxies is no longer the question to which an answer should be given.

Different proxies for different platform

Just like shoe companies, some of the best proxy providers started offering a special kind of proxies. Like shoe companies before, proxy providers understood the need to offer a differentiated service in a market selling a commodity type of product.

Therefore, instead of offering shared and private proxies, providers started offering either virgin proxies or proxies for X service. As you can see on any private proxy review website, like here. Providers started offering private proxies for Instagram, Pinterest proxies, Craigslist proxies. Or working proxies for any other type of online platform.

Why marketers are selling best proxies for X platform

Many will argue that this is a marketing trick through which providers are trying to offer a commodity [the private proxy] and charge more by branding it [Instagram proxy, Pinterest proxy]. The simple answer is that providers started offering specialised proxies in order to offer a better service. let me explain…

Each proxy provider has a limited pool of IPs and servers from which to assign its private proxies for their customers. So, if a customer uses his private proxies in an abusive way on Instagram, the social media platform will ban his accounts and block his proxies’ IPs.

At the next billing cycle, the customer asks and receives fresh IPs for his proxies. Now, the provider is left with abused IPs on his list. IPs which are blocked on Instagram.

Now, imagine if the provider is offering just private proxies instead of specialized proxies. The next customer which will be allocated those IPs sitting on the provider’s inventory will not manage to connect to Instagram. Or worse, will see his accounts and his customer’s accounts blocked on the social media platform. This risk could damage both the provider’s reputation and the customer’s marketing campaign.

Are you getting the best ones?

If you plan to buy proxies for any large online platform, I recommend to look for virgin proxies.

Some providers started rotating the IPs, between their customers, in such a clever way as they can offer virgin proxies for any online platform you need. While they might not be virgin proxies for anything, they certainly are virgin for the underlying website on which you want to use them.

Best proxies for this or that service

Some of the best providers recognized this issue and started offering specialized proxies. For example, if you look on any of the best providers websites, you will see proxies offered for different kind of services.

There are many types of proxies offered. Basically, you will find proxies for every large website online today. From social media proxies for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, to proxies for sneaker selling websites such as sneaker proxies and proxies for classified ads websites, such as those for Craigslist.

Think of the best ones for something

I hope I made it clear why some providers are offering best proxies for specialized use. They need a way to differentiate between the use of their IPs and at the same time, to offer the buyer working IPs for the required service.

Looking for simply best proxies will not find the best providers available today. But, you should look for best proxies for X service. Where X is the online platform on which you want to use the proxies.