An essential time-saver for the suburbanite freelancer.

Time. The essential element for unleashing your creativity. Our hunt for more of it can consume us. Here’s how I claimed one small victory.

If you’re like most in suburbia, you have tedious tasks that can only be put off for so long. We haven’t entirely figured out what the ‘take’ is for all this ‘give’, we just know it interrupts our fingers dancing on the keyboard.

Lawn might be the greatest enemy of any suburbanite. Its maintenance is a constant battle that the most intelligent of our ilk gave up on a long time ago. Even with our hands-off approach, lawn can be kryptonite to creative process of the suburbanite writer.

Enter the free, 1980s era, electric lawn mower.

The Black & Decker LM110

Mediocre care of my postage-stamp property was made a whole lot more efficient with the acquisition of this beauty. Cast aside and left to rot for nearly a decade, this time-saving piece of machinery has been called back to duty. And let me be the first to say, it was worth every dollar.

In about one month of service, this Black & Decker product has easily saved me 60 to 90 minutes. For the average freelance writer, this is valuable time that can be used doing research, exploring a project’s alternate creative directions, immersing in inspiration, or to engage in casual drug use. All important parts of maximizing the quality of your work.

Small victories like these should never be discounted. An overall improvement of 1% made some British cycling coach pretty famous. My lawn mower will likely follow suit. Pending infamy aside, your writing and your clients will be the big beneficiaries.