My take is that crowdfunding has 2 aspects — crowd & funding.
Nick NM Yap

Nick — thanks for the response! Validation is spot on. I think a larger question is: is Kickstarter real validation, or do we run the risk of false positives? Now, if a campaign with a $50K goal raises $1K, it’s unlikely that will ever be successful, so the lack of validation is helpful. But for a campaign with a $50K goal that raises $200K on Kickstarter, how equatable is that to the real world (especially if the price point is high, so # of backers relatively low)? Is there a risk that the earlier adopters using Kickstarter fuels a false sense of market validation, and when brought “to the public”, there’s little to no interest?

I don’t know the answer…I think we’ll need to wait and see how successful Kickstarters do in the wild.

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