Want to Lose Weight? Avoid These 5 Surprising Mistakes

Losing weight is an important goal for most of the people. And we all know that the key to success is combining a healthy diet with an active lifestyle, meaning regularly exercising and doing sports. It’s the proper balance that will definitely give results.

But it often happens to not have the desired results, even if you are being consistent in your actions. Most probably you are making some mistakes that you are not even aware of.

Let’s see together what hidden mistakes you are doing that are stopping you from having the desired results.

1. Skipping a Proper Breakfast

If you’re skipping breakfast or eating something super light such as a fresh juice, you will most probably get hungry and want to eat even more, in only a few hours. So next morning, make sure you have a rich, healthy meal, with enough proteins and fiber.

2. Not Having Enough Sleep

Sleeping less than 7 hours per night will have a great influence on how you eat. It’s because your body will produce more from the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Not only you will crave for comfort food, but you won’t even have enough energy to properly focus on what’s important throughout the day. So keep a regular sleeping schedule that includes 7–8 hours of sleep.

3. Eating and Netflixing

Saved those few new episodes for an evening chill out with some dinner aside? Even if the food choice is healthy, you will most likely eat more than you actually need. It’s called unconscious overeating and you’re doing it because your brain is focused on something else than your food and how your body feels while eating. Serving a meal shoul be the only thing that you do, without other interruptions or distractions. Make sure you be aware of what you eat and you will know to stop at the right time.

4. Eating Meals Without Measurement

Proud of that healthy salad you just prepared and ready to eat? Well, the ingredients might be healthy if we look at them separately, but it’s crucial to measure the overall meal: how many calories does it have, what quantity each of the food type weights, are there too many proteins in there? And much more. It’s important to identify the proper amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fats in each meal, and to measure them so you have the best balanced meal.

5. Having the Same Sports Routine

If you want to have continuous results, you’ll need to progress each day. So don’t expect a long-term success if you’re doing the same set of exercises every time. If you want to have visible results, make sure you increase both the frequency and the intensity of your workouts.

Originally published at Urban Active Sports.