Hammerhead Karoo Update | June 22, 2017
Randall R. Jacobs

That sounds very cool! Theoretically the best device I have ever seen…

I still have not made my mind up as the new Garmin Edge 1030 will be released in August as well.
The Karoo is very compelling but as an European customer I am worried with additional cost for customs and potential warranty issues. Are you going to resolve that?

And: will Karoo support voice turn by turn navigation as well as voice feedback of sensor data? Possibly using the app (just like the Garmin 820 or Bikecomputer pro)?

Last but not least: will it be possible to customize the map screen so I can display my choice of data (ie current speed, cadence, distance, eta, time)? This feature is also very cool in Bikecomputer Pro (being a UI designer for consumer devices myself I have to say: unfortunately the UI sucks!).

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