The Smiling Killer (Horror/Mystery Story) PREVIEW

This world. Is truly worthless.

Viewer discretion is advised

Chapter 1: Red Waltz

“Smmhhh! Ahh! What a stunning aroma indeed! Trifecta!! Profecto!! Haha! Sorry to keep you waiting for your main dish! My lovely adorable sir!” yelled out a stunning handsome young man with shinning snow white hair. The mans face was covered in gleaming sapphire makeup and his eye lids were a light mint green with a hint of sprinkling pink and his lips were a sweet glossy red .The charming young man slowly and swiftly approached an old man. Who was blindfolded and tightly tied up with rusty barb wire. The old man’s body was strapped tight up against a shiny golden chair that had ruby red cushions. Music was blasting around the gorgeously golden lavish dinning room. The song playing was undoubtedly the Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky. The songs vibrate beautiful sound filled the room with celebration and everlasting happiness.

“My my you look like a wet hungry bulldog panting and expecting a great treat! For your ever so sweet cheeks! I really tried hard on this amazing dazzling recipe! I hope you enjoy it! Muah! Besos! A chefs love makes any dish worth the wait!” shouted the happy sicking chief in excitement while he gently kissed the old mans battered blood stain cheeks. The old man was shaking fiercely, his blueish veins where pulsating out as if there where about to explode at any given second. He slowly whispered to the handsome young mans shiny ears “They will find you. And when they do. You will never get to see anything in this fucking world again. They will fucking erase you. You will be nothing. You will not exist you sick piece of fucking psychotic shit.”

“Shhhh guess who? Hehe, dinner is served! Bon appetite! detective Ryan!” cried out the young man as tears of joy fell down from his pale whitish cheeks. His hands smoothly slipped off the sapphire red stained blindfold from detective Ryan’s tense face. The blindfold gently swayed down to the checkered tile floor like a landing dove to its nest.

On a stunning golden table lied a diamond incrusted serving dish, opened for all the world to see. Instantly Detective Ryan started to vomit, liquids of brown and yellow mush protruded out of his shocked mouth. His brown hazel eyes where covered in a river of crystalized tears. His bloody scuffed arms violently tugged against the barb wire prison. His fresh blood gushed everywhere, his teeth was grinding back and forth making a chalkboard scraping sound.“Saaa, SaaSandra? Is that you?No! No! Fuck no! You son of fucking bitch! I will fucking kill you! I will get out of these goddam cuffs! And slaughter you!” Cried out Ryan in agony. There in the shiny diamond serving plate, lied jumbled torn pieces of bloody flesh and pearl white marbled meat. The pieces where finely assembled with precision and loving care. “I call this dish ‘ A New Rebirth’ You see I slowly cut your wife’s soft thin skin with the fat still attached and sautéed the skin to release the inner flavors. I then added refined olive oil and fresh butter which I make myself every morning, to a cooking pan so her fat can sizzle and add essences to the dish Then I threw in her eyeballs, cheeks bones, thighs, and her most importantly her belly! To soak in all the ever flowing yummy juices!” Yelled out the young man, as he raised a glass of thick red human wine to the heavens above.

He then drank it down in joyous harmony “ Mmmm! Donc très bon!( So very good!), A type blood is the best to drink, its so warm and full of spark! I can tell by the taste of your wife’s blood that she was a real bitch and had quite a hot temper! Haha! Even to the end her screams only got louder! and louder! Do you know why I call this dish ‘A new rebirth?’ It is because your gorgeous wife was pregnant! And now all of you will be reborn as one soul after you eat this wonderful dish! Haha!” Sickly laughed the insane childish man. His disgusting grin light up the whole dark room. His sharp canine like teeth blinded the old mens hazel eyes.

“So your the one everyone has been after. The smiling killer, the man who has been butchering famous actors, politicians, models, and now your after a head detective. But I wont die here , not yet! Not until you go to hell with me as well you fucking bastard!” screamed out detective Ryan as he ripped free from his prison and angrily wrapped his arms around the smiling killers frail neck.