Silent Tears: Emotional Short Stories (Listen while reading)

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I want to take it all away. All the pain. All the sadness. All the hate. I wanted be free from my shackles of sins. You see I was never a good person. I mean I wasn’t evil or anything. I was just an asshole to a certain someone. Someone who actually saw me differently. Not like everyone else. To everyone else I was that cool kid that everyone wanted to be. Whatever its not like you guys care, but dammit I feel like I have to let this out. So open your ears and eyes. I am about to tell you a story. A story of fate.


“Kaze! How many times are you going to sleep in my class! This ins’t Kindergarten anymore!” shouted Professor Hamato as he flung a dusty book across my head. “Hey! What the hell is your problem!” I yawned as I cooly sprung up my feet on top of some losers desk. “Everyday you make a fool of yourself. Why can’t you just behave like a normal human being.” said Hamato as he calmly pushed his sleek glasses up. “Screw being normal! Thats boring. I would just end up being a loser like you!” I teased as I stuck out my tongue. My rugged boyish grin beamed throughout the class.

All the students of my sixth grade class, began to giggle like seagulls fighting over soggy bread crumbs. I had the whole school in the palm of my hands. “One day you will be faced with the consequences of your actions. Remember that very well, Kaze.” scolded Hamanto. At the time I didn’t give a shit of what that meant. But now its starting to make sense. Anyway lets get back at it. The class was about end when someone unexpectedly enter through the classroom doors. My whole life was about to change.

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