Thanks for reading and considering the possibilities.
Amazonian Economics: What you need to know about the world’s most valued company
Gunther Sonnenfeld

This is great, Gunther, though I feel like I’m glimpsing the edges of a very large animal moving through the forest. I have a strong sense that it’s formidable and might eat me but I can’t quite keep a bead on it.

Which is to say, I’m not sure who your intended audience is but my critique would be that there’s a fair bit of it that went over my head, not being as versed in economics. I had to look up things like collateralization. I paused on clearly important statements, eg surveillance as a tool of corporates to check private money, that were introduced in passing but eluded my true comprehension, again because I’m not as versed in the lexicon of economics. And I still don’t have an entirely clear senses of what Amazon Economics actually is (again, this is my own lexical shortcoming) though I love the double-entendre in there vis a vis ecological regeneration.

But still, I can see this beast and make out its shape pretty well. Moreso, I can feel it’s gaze on the back of my head. Thank you.

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