HSBC is killing my business, piece by piece — How to plan for your bank screwing up
Richard Davey

What did you think was going to happen when you rely on a government regulated institution to do business? You put all your eggs in one basket and like every other idiot out there willy nilly surrender control over your life to another party that doesn’t have your interests at stake. Do you take Bitcoin or some other form of payment (ie crypto currency) that isn’t dependent on the regulated banking infrastructure? That might be a great place to start. My business would NEVER fail the way yours has. We have enough customers paying us in Bitcoin that things would continue on just fine. My hosting provider takes Bitcoin, my domain name provider takes Bitcoin, my car insurance company takes Bitcoin, my car mechanic takes Bitcoin, even a handful of local restraunts take Bitcoin.

Companies you should have avoided altogether: Adobe, Apple, Google, GitHub, and GoDaddy. Others I’d be surprised if you weren’t using and should be avoiding: Microsoft & Amazon. Any company with the word ‘cloud’ in its name or service provided should most likely be avoided. Terms you should be looking for in products and services “open source”, “free (as in freedom) software”, “decentralized”, “in-housing”, etc.

I don’t live in the UK thank god, but the US ain’t much better even where I live which is by far one of the best places to move if you want freedom and control relative to anywhere else in the world. I moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project and it’s been the best (well, 2nd best, my partner is probably #1) decision of my life. Thousands of activists in this relatively small state are making a huge difference both politically and technologically to put control over ones life back in ones own hands instead of that of government and third parties. From the development of technological solutions such as EOMA68 (modular computing that ensures users retain full control over their devices via a complete set of source code), crypto vending technology and applications (like AnyPay, point of sale solution to accept crypto in your business), to ending regulatory barriers and taxes (government theft) that mess up our individual ability to make decisions for ourselves (ie like high taxes lead to the majority being dependent on government provided solutions from health care to schooling regardless of whether or not these are the best solutions for ones family or oneself). And no amount of “safety” can ever justify the use of violence, theft, or kidnapping (which is how the state operates) on peaceful people. Drivers licenses, license plates, and vehicle registration are being abused by the state and not effective at doing the things that it is being argued or that we’ve been trained to believe these things do. For example drivers licenses are easily obtained- they don’t ensure people are driving safely and can’t reduce accidents in any meaningful way and their creation was never about safety. As later as 1969 there weren’t even driving tests in some US states. The original intent of drivers licenses was to force drivers to pull over for horse and buggies because of a bigoted dislike by people toward motor vehicles. Safety was just an BS excuse that came later to justify their existence regardless of actual realities. But even if it does reduce dangers the deprivation of ones right to travel can’t be justifiably taken away merely because of potential safety threats. AND the reality is drivers licenses today are actually being used to control and punish people for things that have nothing to do with safety. For example they will suspend your drivers license if you don’t pay child support on time, and then when you lose your job because you can’t get to work, well, good luck getting another one. Then they’ll ban young people from obtainment of a drivers license who as juveniles graftied.

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