Why I Have Not Endorsed Any Candidate
Samaria Rice

Democracy is failing us

Many years ago I asked my brother if he belonged to a political party. He replied that he would never join a political party because that was just like joining a football team. It brainwashed you.

He only voted once and this is what happened.

He went to the polling station and folded his paper in half and posted it.

On the way out a tout asked him if he had voted for the touts party. No, says my brother I did not vote for any party. “That is criminal” said the tout. “How dare you waste a vote. It is an insult to democracy”.

No! says brother I have not wasted it. I have clearly shown that none of you are offering what I want. What he wanted was a better justice system. But of course he was not asked what he wanted.

Sorry Abraham, Its just not true.

The problem is that Abraham Lincoln fried our brains when he said that democracy is by the people, of the people, for the people. That is just not true.

Most people live in a place where their vote will have no effect whatsoever.

When we go shopping we vote with our money and every apple,car, piece of furniture and medicine is our choice. Our money is a kind of voting system.

I am not saying that every person gives a fig about everything that goes on in politics but when we do care we have no choice. So if I care about something then why do I get no choice. In this day and age when there are computer records about our favorite ice cream then there is no reason why government cannot do better.

The simple fact is that governors do not want to be constrained by what you want. They will tell you that collecting votes is far to complicated and voting fraud far too easy. Strange that they do not take that attitude when collecting taxes.

They just want a mandate to dictate. So they tell you what they want to hear and this way the one who will say anything is the one to distrust.

We deserve better. It is quite possible to get the peoples vote on anything and this would hold politicians to account.

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