Iced Out
Cara Paiuk

Facebook Education

Facebook friends are not real at all. Real friends are people that you physically touch.

Why is this so important?

A friend is not a person who agrees with you or adds a wit to your knowledge.

Before investing your precious emotions into anything, ask yourself what influence you can possibly have. And then think about it. This is not a matter of becoming callous. It is a matter of treating your emotions as a precious resource which must be used where they can have the most impact.

An itch on your finger is more important than an earthquake in Bolivia because you can fix the itch.

Your money can entertain friends with whom you can discuss the earthquake should the earthquake makes it to the front of your concerns.

Facebook tells you that they have found a new friend for you and it is an anniversary. Have you touched them? If not then you could comment on your actual physical contact. But doing this might take things in a direction you do not wish to travel. So it is worth thinking about commenting in order to evaluate your friendship.

Texting is also an unfriendly communication medium. Taking the colour out of your communication may focus the message but it also narrows the contact. A far cry from physical contact. “Hello! How are you? You have been in the sun I see….”

All of these mediums are very valuable for communication and broadcasting what is happening in your life. Turning that information into friendship requires physical contact.